New banner

Look up and you’ll see the new banner. This time, a cricketing theme. After the Australian team won their 3rd, yes, their 3rd, World Cup, they came home to a very welcoming reception. The gathering would occur at Martin Place, and there was expected to be a throng of people. I went in with Andrew, who wasn’t working at the time. At the time, I blogged something quick about going in.

I took my camera in, expecting to get at least one good photo. We arrived at least an hour early to find the place, not stand there for so long. But when we got there, we saw that we’d be at least 4 deep if we started standing around then and there. So we stood around for a while. The rest of day’s adventures are blogged about here. A good read, if I do say so.

Anyway, I thought that seeings cricket is the flavour of the month, what with O.D.I. finals coming up, and the Indian cricket league taking up column inches, I’d jump on the bandwagon. I also liked the photo quite a bit. I have another one, with a whole heap of confetti, but when I cut it down to banner size, it wasn’t as good.

So that’s the new banner.



2 thoughts on “New banner

  1. Pity, I missed emu day……………… could they stay up for a week. I do check most days but even I, a loyal reader have a life, or work, on occasions.

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