The Obama Photo Album

So the big buzz going around political circles today is that there is a ‘bad’ photo being circulated of Barack Obama. It shows him dressed as … well … this; wearing a traditional Somali outfit. It’s not that the photo is bad or anything, it’s that the photo has popped up on a website that claims Obama is a Muslim. Of course, he isn’t, but it’s another malicious rumour that the Clinton campaign started up a while ago, and the feed the flames every now and then.

Now, it’s not as bad as claiming Obama is the Antichrist – something that Ninglun has blogged about previously. No, he didn’t make the claim, he merely pointed out the stupidity of (and scariness of) the claim. And he has found success with that post. There have been some real loonies commenting on that post. Check them out if you have a firm grip on reality. But it really goes to the heart of some of the stupid rumours and claims that get spread, born through fear and fueled by hate.

Anyway, this photo has been connected with the ‘Muslim rumour’, and the Obama campaign has gone up in arms about it. They say that it’s vilification, fear mongering, and bad politics. They even said that it was:

“The most shameful, offensive fear-mongering we’ve seen from either party in this election.”

And that’s a big call, because it includes all the crud that the Republicans threw at one-another. But it’s true. The Clinton campaign (who, let’s face it, have done this) has carried out the worst and lowest trick to date with this.

But I was alarmed by something else. It wasn’t all this; it wasn’t that vicious and flagrant lies were being propagated by a campaign team. No, it was that in searching for a copy of that now infamous photo, I found actual disturbing and worrying photos. They were accompanied with facts. No lies, no attacks, no smears. Facts. And I was shocked at where they had come from. They hadn’t been leaked by some Clinton cronies, or by the Republican attack dogs. They had come straight out of the Obama campaign. Straight from Obama himself! It was worrying for me, a staunch supporter of Obama.

What photos am I talking about? I’m talking about really bad photos like this:

Obama had an afro!!! An afro! What was he thinking? It might have been the ‘it’ think back then, but didn’t he think that doing something like that would come back to haunt him one day!? But wait! You think that it’s just one photo? Check this out:

He had an afro guys!!! Did he had the comb stuck into it it like typical 70’s stereotypes? Platform shoes? A purple suit? Maybe he even walked around with one of those monster boom-boxes (a.k.a. ghetto-blasters) back in the day.

Now we know that yearbook photos are never good, and I guess that Barack Barry Obama wasn’t immune. But you would have though with age that he would have wisened up. But no. Even later on, his afro-tendencies were still lingering:

But of all the photos I found, none, including the Somali outfit one, would be as embarrassing as this:

Or any others that show you getting along with the most repugnant and disgusting of opposing candidates. I think Obama would rather have the afro pictures thrown instead of those that show him and Clinton smiling together. I know I’d rather it. Maybe I should skip that haircut tomorrow …



10 thoughts on “The Obama Photo Album

  1. dude nice pics lol 🙂
    good point though, why should i ever vote for a guy who had an afro once? im totally going for McCain now 😛

  2. Why is having an afro so horrible?
    You know what’s much worse than associating with Hillary? Associating with Sarah Palin. She makes a complete mockery of American politics. At least Hillary is not being used by other polititians to get votes from people they don’t even have respect for.

  3. Thomas,

    Get a clue, idiot. There is nothing wrong with an afro. Consider how long everyone’s hair was at that time – black and white. It isn’t like Obama was a member of a suspect organization or something because he grew his hair out. Look back at your wardrobe and hairstyles from previous decades and you’ll see how dated your sytle was too.

    It is a good think you’re majoring in histor – you could use the lessons.

  4. Thank-you M. I guess recent comments show that some people just don’t understand the complexities of sarcasm. I know it would be hard to see that I’m an avid Obama supporter (that’s sarcasm again for the not-too-bright), so me telling people not to vote for him for a simple hair cut would *totally* make sense (yet more sarcasm). I’d like to actually reitterate what Jenifer above said:

    “Some people are so dumb.”

    Apply that as you see fit. I see one person above worthy of that title.

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