Another Obama endorsement – Chris Dodd

And some might say that this one is big. Over night (for us) Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd announced at a press conference with Barack Obama, his endorsement of the candidate. This endorsement is seen as rather big because Chris Dodd has been taking part in high level discussions in the D.N.C. as a ‘party elder’. It’s also important because he was a former candidate for the 2008 nomination as well.

Having been a candidate himself, as I said in an earlier post, he must have had some form of support if he was keen to run against the high-profile candidates like Obama and Hillary Clinton. That sort of support, well before voting, usually means superdelegates. If Dodd was able to get the unofficial word from them that they’d support him should he turn out to be a serious contender, then I suspect he still has their ears. And if that’s the case, there’s a chance that they will go to Obama’s side as well.

Similarly, there are 2 superdelegates from Connecticut still to make their decision. They are both D.N.C. state members: the chair, Nancy DiNardo, and John Olsen. In my research, these are the final two from Connecticut yet to endorse, while only one superdelegate from the state has gone with Clinton. So I suspect that these two will go to Obama should push come to shove. Obama did win the state after all – 51% to 47%, and took 26 pledged delegates out of the vote.

Anyway, returning to Chris Dodd, he has been included in some high level talks about how the party is going to deal with this election. The party doesn’t want a floor fight. Similarly, the Republicans have their nominee, so he is starting the national campaign now. The Democratic party is allowing him a head start, and that’s the last thing that’s needed. So the discussions have been revolving around who should drop out first. It could be resolved on the Democratic National Convention floor, but it would be the worst scenario. So the question has been who is going to get the tap on the shoulder.

Some of the names that have been popping up as part of these discussions are interesting. But when Dodd’s name had been coming up frequently and then he endorses one of the candidates, you can only wonder if the party ‘elders’ have decided on a candidate. If they have, expect to see the likes of Joe Biden and John Edwards, and the much more powerful Al Gore and Howard Dean come out and endorse. Otherwise, it’s a bold move made by Dodd alone to try and get the party to rally around a candidate now, rather than later. It may help some party faithful swing to Obama’s side in the coming March 4 primaries. Not a silly move at all, and it might just be enough to convince Clinton to drop out come March 5.



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