John Lewis swaps to Barack Obama

Back on February 18, I blogged this:

Looking at superdelegate news of late, Congressman John Lewis, from Georgia, has swung over, publicly, to Obama’s campaign from Hillary Clinton’s. This is rather important news, in that Lewis was Clinton’s most prominent African-American supporter. He was a name in the civil rights movement during the 1960s, and is seen as one of the top African-American politicians.

Lewis is the second African-American politician to change their support from Clinton to Obama. David Scott, another Representative from Georgia, also has moved into the Obama camp. Obama won his district by 80% of the vote, something Scott has acknowledged helped win him over.

These two movements are interesting to note, because it shows the power of Obama’s February momentum, as well as the eroding support of Clinton by superdelegates. This is what the momentum does – it wins over the undecided. And considering that more and more people are becoming undecided about a Clinton victory, there are a lot of voters that Obama has the potential to win over.

Apparently, John Lewis has only just now supported Obama. He says that he was ‘thinking about it’ for the past week-and-some, and has only just now decided to endorse Obama. All of what I blogged is still relevant, just change the time stamp. Lewis is an important person to swing over to your campaign. It just shows more eroding of the Clinton campaign.



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