February stats

Like I said, there was a stats post to come. Here it is. February was the biggest month in terms of visitors. WordPress stats say that 4,494 visitors to the blog, while Sitemeter says 4,071 visits with 5,279 page views. For each of the weeks, the blog had 1,603 visits,  811 visits, 929 visits, and 1,010 visits. The biggest day on record came in February, and it’s no surprise what day it was – February 6, with 520 visits.

Superdelegates was the most popular post by far – getting a record amount of hits on February 6. All my American politics posts garnered a lot of views in and around there, but this one got the most.

By the end of the month, I had written 51 posts, at a tick under 43,000 words in total (and 235,641 characters). I won’t even write that much for university assessments in a whole year!

So February was a very good month for Deus Lo Vult. I am proud of the blog and myself. I hope (though don’t expect) another successful month in March. I don’t expect it because ther primaries a less frequent, I am back at university, and other than U.S. politics, I don’t write any of the ‘big hits’ articles, just movies and random happenings in my life. And the occasional post about television. But they are few and far between.



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