Mike Huckabee is out (finally!)

Yes, at long last, even after being told it was mathematically impossible to win the Republican nomination, Mike Huckabee has dropped out of the Republican primary race, thus ensuring that John McCain will be the nominee. Yes, I know Ron Paul is still in the race, but I’m getting more and more doubtful that the ‘Ron Paul Revolution’ will actually come to fruition. In fact, I am beginning to wonder if he was ever a serious candidate, or maybe his campaign was a money-making scheme.

Anyway, Mike Huckabee dropped out after accepting that he would lose another round of primaries, including the reasonably big state of Texas. Rhode Island, Ohio, and Vermont he lost as well. If I were a Huckabee supporter, I’d be rather mad at him for seeing these states through. You see, the longer Huckabee stayed in it after Super Tuesday, the worse he was going to look. Sure, there was credit for staying in for some of the February primaries, but when it became literally impossible for him to win the nomination, he quickly became a laughing stock. I mean, when Mitt Romney, who had more delegates than Huckabee and was polling well in some states, pulled out and Huckabee stayed in, it was rather silly. In doing so, he hurt his chances of being a potential Vice President on the McCain ticket, and any future race he may want to run in 4 years time.

Huckabee was always going to find it difficult to back up his win in Iowa with the schedule. New Hampshire was almost always going to go McCain’s way, and Romney had a strong hold over the mid-west and central states. McCain got an enormous boost out of no where, and suddenly it was only ever going to be a two-man race to Super Tuesday (Romney vs. McCain), and the winner of that would be the nominee. It was McCain, as we all know, and he was the nominee. Somehow Huckabee didn’t believe it and continued. He was popular in the south, and with the ‘traditional’ Republicans – two parties that McCain was struggling with. But when Huckabee lost primary after primary through February, it was time to go. Maybe he wanted to prove a point about his popularity in the south and win Texas. He didn’t, and now he looks worse.

Like Romney, Huckabee will now be working to get another red (Republican, not communist) back into the White House:

We’ll be working on doing everything we can to help Senator McCain and to help our party.

That is an example of party unity, and a prime example of what the Democrats should do. In more specific terms: Clinton should concede to Obama, and let the real race begin. She won’t, of course. She will think that today’s results (I’ll report on them later) justifies her staying in and ruining the Democrat’s chances in the general election. They don’t, and she should have pulled out prior to today to save the Democratic party a whole heap of trouble.

Anyway, that’s getting off topic. I was just writing in to report that Mike Huckabee is out of the race, and John McCain is officially all but (I know that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense) the Republican nominee. Unless he dies of old age – something that’s on the cards.



One thought on “Mike Huckabee is out (finally!)

  1. I’m shocked and disappointed that Huckabee would take money from struggling, hard-working Americans in order to fund his campaign. He said in his drop-out speech that it was…”the sacrifices of a truck driver in Michigan, of a housewife who sold her wedding ring on eBay and gave the contribution to the campaign, a janitor in Alabama who has a wife in a wheelchair who gave $20, not out of his abundance, but out of his poverty, so that our campaign could stay on the track.” In a bad economy, why would someone running for President take their money to fund a campaign that was clearly going to be fruitless? What would become of the economy if selfish Huckabee were President?


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