A good omen?

The blog passed, earlier this evening, 1,000 views (by WordPress’s count) for the month. It took only 6 days. While that trend might indicate 5,000 views for the month, a good proportion of that came over the past two days with all my blogging about Texas and Ohio, and primary-related posts (like my superdelegates post). I’ll certainly try to keep up the trend, but I don’t expect to get 5,000 views for the month. But it will be interesting to see how this plays out.



2 thoughts on “A good omen?

  1. That’s pretty good going, especially as New Lines from a Floating Life has only 656 and OzPolitics 924. Poor little Ninglun’s Gateway scrapes up just 131! However, however: English/ESL — 2,491. 🙂

  2. I don’t expect this to continue. 90% of that I suspect comes from posts on U.S. politics, and considering interest will wain soon, visits will trickle off. Though if I started posting about HSC English and the like, I expect I’d get a lot more visits – well done on such a high number already.

    Also, congratulations on getting noted for that teacher conference. I was pretty impressed by that.

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