Blog stats for 11 March, 2008

You might not believe this (I certainly don’t) but I’m expecting to wake up tomorrow and find that WordPress has registered the biggest day, visit wise, that this blog has seen to date. All because of my posts about Mississippi. It seems that CNN is putting my posts on their ‘referrals’ bar on their web search, in another bar that shows the most popular blog posts on the topic you’re looking at (and Mississippi is getting a lot of coverage on their website), as well as listing my post Wyoming – results, Mississippi – polls as the first return when you search for “Mississippi polls”. The same goes for Google, but by far, CNN has sent people my way quite a bit in the past 48 hours.

Yesterday, Wyoming – results, Mississippi – polls had 95 hits. Today, it has garnered (so far) 379. In the past 24 hours, 272 people have found my blog with the search terms “mississippi polls”. Strange is the second most searched term: “missippi polls”. I now am wondering if I’ve misspelled Mississippi somewhere along the line. I’ll have to check.

At the moment, WordPress’ 24 hours has the visits at 507. My biggest day was February 6 (Super Tuesday in the U.S.) with 520. On that day, my Superdelegates post received 379 views. It looks as though Wyoming – results, Mississippi – polls is going to beat that.

The week’s views (all three days of it) sits at 772 views. It will have quite a way to go to beat the 1,603 week that Super Tuesday was in. The month’s views sit, already, as the second-highest month to date: 2,441. February’s 4,494 is less than double away. Could the magical 5,000 be attainable this month? With these numbers, I’m actually inspired to try and break the 5,000 mark, whereas before I was content with making 2,000 visits.

I look forward to tomorrow’s statistics very much.



As I was writing this, Wyoming – results, Mississippi – polls did best Superdelegates‘s 379 views. Last I checked it was 381.


Now a record day has been set. I checked at around 11:30pm (actually, it was 11:22pm) at the day had gained 522 visits. With many more hours to go, by WordPress’ count, this could be a really big day – especially with Mississippi starting to vote in a short time, and the news outlets beginning to report on the state. Could be very big indeed.


2 thoughts on “Blog stats for 11 March, 2008

  1. The ultimate challenge will be for YOU to enter the presidental race yourself AND WIN!

    I checked CNN for myself. Yeah, you would be getting quite a few hits from there. Believe it or not, I put in “missippi” before correcting it to “mississippi”.

    How bizzare!

  2. I could start a grassroots movement to amend the constitution to allow non-U.S. born citizens to run in the election. With McCain not technically being born in the U.S., I think there is a precedence.

    And quite bizarre about the misspell. I thought it might have been the odd mistake, but not a common thing.

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