Eventus stultorum magister – Part IV

We returned to our hotel from SeaWorld at 5:30 – the time we would have only just been getting on the bus to get home. What on Earth we would have done with the extra hour I have no idea, but I think it’s safe to say that Andrew and I were very pleased to get home early. We were soaked, we were annoyed, and we were tired. The only remedy we knew for these ails was ale. We had stocked up on the essentials, as I have mentioned in past posts. One of those was beer. Not having to drive anywhere myself for a whole week, and rarely being able to relax with a nice, cold beer, I cherished this holiday for the chance to actually have a drink.

However, we aren’t stupid drinkers – we needed food too. The rain that was still coming down deterred us from going out, umbrella or no. We had inspected the room service menus when we first arrived, and seeing that the lists were rather expensive, we had decided to wait until it was absolutely necessary to order something to the room (if at all). After going through the menus for some time, trying to find a place where we were both going to get something, we had settled upon some sort of place that specialised in cooked meats. I was ordering some BBQ chicken, chips, and gravy, while I can’t quite remember what Andrew ordered (I’m sure he’ll comment if he remembers). I went to particular strains to order a large chips just for myself, as I enjoy pecking at food through the night, and we were running low on stuffs.

We placed the order (Andrew did – I wasn’t calling the front desk) and we first organised our money before putting on the next disk of The Office. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it yet, but Andrew and I were, while away, going to watch every episode of The Office to date. All 4 seasons, all 59 episodes of it. It’s my favourite comedy show of all time, and certainly one of my favourite shows in general. Maybe 2nd, right after Lost. We cracked open our first beers, and settled in.

The food arrived promptly, and we there was little need to do anything else that night except get a new beer or change DVD disks. The pain and trauma of the day’s events was subsiding, and eventually we were having the sort of time one should be having on a holiday.

For breaks, I would wander out to our balcony and look around, taking in the scene. While it was still raining, the city was lit up and looked impressive. The beach was still as loud as it had been that first night, maybe even more. The smell of fresh rain and the sea floated up to me, and it was nice. Done with that view, I started looking around at the surrounding hotels to see if anything interesting was happening in other rooms. I didn’t see much expect for people watching television or walking around in the dark. I made a note to myself that, upon going back into the living room, I would close the curtains fully behind me.

We plowed through quite a few episodes of The Office that night – and they became increasingly funnier as time went by. As expected, I had ordered too many chips – but that was part of the plan. I would save them for a later stage, where I would eat them with the extra gravy I had. The perfect plan, I thought, as the night really got on. Andrew had, by then, said that he was tired, and I suggest that he go to bed, as while we didn’t have plans to go anywhere the next day (Wednesday), we would invariably do something, so one should be rested and ready. He caved, and headed to his bed, as I stayed up further to finish the episode of The Office we were watching, and then take some time to myself to do some serious thinking.

Earlier that evening, as soon as we had got on from the bus trip home, we had begun to wonder how we were going to dry our clothes. I had mentioned that I would be using the hairdryer that was in my bathroom, and mine alone. Once we got in, Andrew was the first to use it – drying out his shoes that were designed to be dried with a hairdryer. They were canvas uppers, so in no time they were done. Mine, on the other hand, we like ‘formal sneakers’ – leather and suede, and a sole that acted like a sponge (I had experienced that all day – the squelching sound and feel). Once Andrew had gone to bed, I thought it a chance to dry my own shoes off.

On the bathroom vanity, I set up a little rig that would hold the hairdryer in the best position as I rotated the shoe. It didn’t work as fast as I had anticipated, so I ended up adjusting the rig so that the hairdryer was shooting air down the front of the shoe – like a wind tunnel. I would leave it for 5 to 10 minutes, then come back and turn the shoe around, so that the air was hitting the heel and flowing down to the front of the. Then the sides, and then finally the inside.

This system worked well, and finished the first shoe in 30 minutes. I set the next one up, and performed the same procedure. As I sat out on the balcony, the hairdryer ringing in the background, I thought that I tended to have lots of trouble with shoes on my holidays. In Europe last year, I had brought wear-and-tear boots. Doc Martins. And they strapped up past the ankle, so it was a 5 minute procedure just to get one boot on every morning. Well, in Europe, at the airports, they are sooooo much more wary than Australia, and every time I got to a security gate, I had to take my boots off. Only people with boots, mind you. You couldn’t possibly hide anything in a boot that you couldn’t hide in a shoe, but the Europeans didn’t seem to get it. And with 8 flights, it began to get very annoying.

On that balcony though, it might have been the first time I ever laughed at the whole boot dilemma. I hadn’t laughed at it at home (or if I had, it wasn’t a common occurrence), but it seemed amusing and trivial then and there. And especially with my latest shoe fiasco. I think it was then that I finally settled into the holiday routine, and began to relax. I then sat back and enjoyed the view, the noises, and the smells. I got some good thinking done there – things that I won’t blog about. Mainly because they are boring, but also because it was a chance for me to really reflect on some personal things that had been worrying me since the new year.

It was some time later that I decided to go to bed, and even then because I felt I had to. Locking up and cleaning up, I stored my extra chips in a place I thought they wouldn’t get thrown out, turned off the lights, and climbed into bed. While the Tuesday day had been something of a crazy experience, the evening had redeemed the whole experience. I ended up going to sleep looking forward to the next day, eager for what it might bring.



2 thoughts on “Eventus stultorum magister – Part IV

  1. Thomas stated “I made a note to myself that, upon going back into the living room, I would close the curtains fully behind me.”

    How strange. You appear to have failed to pack a pair of binoculars for a Gold Coast holiday. I consider this to be an essential for any stay on the strip. There are so many opportunities for examining human behaviour from the safety of your apartment. Indeed, where I was staying last time, we observed people failing to wash their hands after going to the toilet and numerous other disgraces. We saw nudists as well. It is also possible to see other people with binoculars and make friends through waving…(ala a Frasier episode).

    So many missed opportunities, young Thomas…


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