Eating habits of a Thomas

As anyone who knows me would expect, I demand only the best and the finest of eating establishments when I am to sit down to a meal. To help everyone else understand this side of Thomas, I’m going to blog about my lunch today. A boring topic? Not so, and you’ll soon find out.

I only had an hours worth of lectures today, so I could afford the extra time to find a place to sit and eat at my own pace. The restaurant that I found with the most convenience and ease was one by the name of ‘CityRail Train Carriage’. I must say that the decor left much to be desired, and the other patrons, well, they weren’t to my taste. I was rather surprised at the quality of other diners, as there was a cover-charge (of $4.20) to even get in. The whole feel of the restaurant was very post-modern – for example, you aren’t even guaranteed a seat with the cover-charge, and you have to bring your own food.

My selection for the day was a ham, cheese, and lettuce sandwich(1), on white bread, with butter (none of that margarine for me). I also had a side of chips – well, Sakata Chicken Minis(2) to be precise – and for dessert, a Nestle Space Food Stick. In terms of beverages, I made quite a few selections. To first quench my thirst, a nice and refreshing Uni-President MineShine(3) (the ‘finest quality milk tea’ from Taiwan, by way of Sefton, NSW), while accompany my sandwich would be a bottle of Cottees Apple Kiwi cordial, and to go with my side of chips, an ’08 blend of Vanilla Coke.

The sweat I had worked up getting to the restaurant was immense. The heat, distance, and speed at which I had walked all helped this out. But the ‘pleasure’ and ‘flavorful experience’ I got from my MineShine washed all that away in no time. I certainly tasted the ‘high quality tea leaves’. Soon I was refreshed and relaxed, and ready to start my main course.

The sandwich was rather good. That might be because the chef (affectionately known to her customers as ‘Mum’) had quite a bit of experience (16 or so years) with this particular menu item. The accompanying Apple Kiwi cordial was a very nice drink. I had chosen that especially, as I have been consuming it by the gallon of late. It’s one of my favourite drinks. It’s not a common sight to adults drinking green drinks (Gatorade, etc.) that aren’t playing some sort of sport (like rugby, cricket, syncronised diving, etc.) but I don’t mind the stares. It was a quality combination that I was glad I had put much thought into.

Next, I ate my Minis, and enjoyed the ‘intriguingly smooth’ taste that only Vanilla Coke has. The Chicken crisps were much like my last encounter with this particular brand (though different flavour) – an enjoyable experience. But this time, I had a full-body Vanilla Coke to accentuate and enhance the flavours and experience. This was a very smart combination – perhaps better than the sandwich/Apple Kiwi combination. I made a note about this for myself later.

Finally, dessert. The Space Food Stick, of the chocolate race, was a welcome treat. It had been some time since I had had one of these, after going through primary school having one every day with lunch. I had had them so often in the past that I hadn’t wanted another one until recent times. After I started eating this one for my lunch, I remembered why I liked them so much. They are almost like a lolly – certainly with the same sugar content – in that they are chewy and tasty. Much like the fat on a piece of meat too. I guess you could call them all lollies then.

While I was used to the caramel type of Space Food Stick, the chocolate was just as good. Nestle seem to have out-done them self in this department.

Once I had finished dessert, I sat around for some tie (half hour), passing time until I was free to go home. I resumed reading my copy of I Am American (And So Can You!), and laughed quite a few times. A very good read. Finally, I got up and left to go home. While I probably wouldn’t normally go back to a restaurant the very next day, I expect that I’ll be back there tomorrow. The service there was a little rough, and their grey and black uniforms leave much to be desired (so too them checking to see if you have paid the cover-charge). I wouldn’t eat if I had to share a table, or tried this new way of dining – standing around or leaning on a wall. But I think I’ll be back to dine if I can get a seat again. Probably tomorrow for an afternoon meal.



(1) – This is frozen bread. It is most likely what my sandwich looked like before it was made.
(2) – If you want to see know how ‘mini’ these Minis are, I’m providing a scale reference here: metric/Imperial
(3) –  For my less-worldly readers who can’t read Taiwanese, here’s an English translated version (conveniently located on the other side of the bottle).


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