Short blog stats

Some time in the past day, the monthly visits for the blog set a new record. I just checked it then, and it sits at 4,569 visits so far. This beats last month’s record of 4,494. Last week was also the biggest week in terms of visits, getting 2,361 in total. That’s due to the day that the blog got 1,175 visits.

The post that has lead to most of this success, Wyoming – results, Mississippi – polls, jumped straight into second place in terms of all time visits with 1,027. I don’t expect it to rise much further in the short term, and maybe not much in the long term. It sits behind the post Superdelegate, which has 2,450 visits since its beginning. This should go up further, and come the final days of the primary race, when Obama is officially declared the candidate because of superdelegate involvement, then I expect the post to jump up a lot.

Probably of no surprise then is that of all the search terms that are used to find this blog, ‘superdelegates’ comes in at 1 with 1,133 views, while ‘mississippi polls’ comes in at 2 with 667. ‘missippi polls’ comes in way down on the list, but with a surprising 40 views.

And 129 referrals to this blog in the past month have come from CNN websites. Majority were to do with the Mississippi primary, but some dealing with superdelegate inquiries too.



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