Strange, rambling post

Our work weeks run from Thursday to Wednesday, for pay I expect. For this week, I’ll only have worked 2 days – Saturday and Sunday. While that might sound pretty slack, I ended up doing 28 hours over the 2 days – 5:30am – 9:30pm (16 hours) for Saturday; 6am – 11:20 and 3pm – 10pm (12 hours) for the Sunday. It probably wasn’t the smartest idea to go out for some drinks with a couple of fellow clubhouse workers after my Sunday shift, but I did. I should have gone home and, you know, did that whole sleeping thing.

When I woke up this morning, out of curiosity, I weighed myself. I knew that I had lost some weight since I started working in the clubhouse, a tick under 10kgs last time. I attributed this to actually doing something with all my free time, not sitting at the computer and eating bags of chips all day. I wondered that by starting university again, and finding myself with more free time where I’m not at work, would anything have changed. When I weighed myself, I was rather surprised to see that I have lost 15kgs since November.

I told this to my mother, and in previous encounters with her, while I was coming home to shower, change, and then go back out to work, I had relayed to her that I seem to be always thirsty these days. Combine this with the litres of Vanilla Coke I drink on a weekly basis, and diabetes is now the word floating around the house. Between us (because I’m certainly not going to say this to my mother) I’ve been slightly worried about getting diabetes since earlier in the year. Working at a bar that has Post Mix Pepsi, lemonade, Solo, and Sunkist, I just keep drinking and drinking and drinking all day. Because it’s easy and because I’m thirsty.

She went looking up symptoms for diabetes on Google, after I looked on Wikipedia which she rejects as a legitimate website. Unexplained weight loss, excessive thirst, increased fatigue, irritability, and blurry vision were all ones that she ‘found’ in me. I pointed out that I could account for the weight loss (not only have I stopped all the snacking I used to do, I generally only eat one meal a day and that’s it. Over the weekend, I eat dinner Friday night, then Sunday lunch, and then lunch Monday – and absolutely nothing in between), I’m tired because I stay up past 1am every night watching DVDs, I’ve always been irritable, and my vision is not blurry (I have very good eye sight). The only thing I couldn’t explain was always being thirsty.

So now I’m going into the doctors this week to have a blood test. The main reason I agreed to it is because I’ve got the week off from university and from work. I fully intend (no, I really do!) on getting ahead in my readings and finishing two diddley assignments a few weeks ahead of schedule. I think that a trip out to the doctors will be my only venture outside of the house in that week to be honest with you. A breath of fresh air as I see it. Plus, there’s something exciting about going to the doctors. You only go (if you’re lucky like me) on rare occasions, so there is something implicitly ‘rare’ about the place. I’ll get there though, and be absolutely freaked out and shaking and sweating about the needle that I’ll no doubt get. I hate needles. Hate them so much.

This post seems to have run out of random paths to take. I guess it ends here.



4 thoughts on “Strange, rambling post

  1. A proper glucose tolerance test takes three hours; I know because I had one last year. Not at all painful though…

    Wish you well.

  2. Thanks Neil.

    I do remember you blogging about the event. It actually came to mind when the discussion with my mother was taking place.

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