Fear ad vs. truth ad

Many weeks ago, a week before March 4 and its elections, Hillary Clinton released an ad that has come to be known as the ‘3am ad’. It was the politics of fear at play again – something we have all come to expect from the Clinton campaign. I found it funny that prior to the ad being released, she was in her crazy-loco mode and was calling for Obama to debate her on the issues, and was saying that Obama was a bad candidate for employing tactics that called her out on actual truths (but she said they were lies). Then she released that ad.

Out of all the ads that have been released in the campaign, that was the worst. It was just bad and pathetic.

Then the news came out: Girl seen in Clinton’s ‘3 a.m.’ ad supports Obama.

Yes, one of the little girls in the ad that Clinton is supposed to be ‘protecting’ is an active campaigner for Barack Obama. And has been for some time. Well before she was used as part of stock footage, Casey Knowles was out and about, drumming up votes for Obama, excited at the prospect of being invited to the National Convention for her efforts.

Word quickly spread, and she was on news stations, being interviewed and causing a little bit of an embarrassing problem for Clinton’s campaign team. Then the Obama team caught wind of this news and got hold of Casey to make their own ad. That was way back on March 10.

In between then and now, there were so many great parodies of the ad on YouTube. One concerned with her promise to always wear pantsuits while serving and then playing on the whole fear ad genre, another that plays on the messages that Clinton sends out (that she is like ‘the common person’, and Obama’s message is only a message, not a reality). And the comment threads were a hotbed for some good e-arguments and entertainment (much like I outlined with the Geraldine Ferraro articles).

Finally, today, Obama’s team released the ad they’d been working on. Maybe it was a little late in the scheme of things, but it doesn’t matter a whole lot. The purpose of the ad is to point out another mistake of Clinton’s – another in the long line of this primary campaign. I wasn’t at all surprised when Clinton released this type of ad after saying she was going to ‘throw the kitchen sink’ at Obama. But what I was surprised at was the way Clinton continued to lie about being a serious candidate and a candidate ‘about the issues’, not a textbook example of how to scare your way to victory.

We all know what the results were – the ad won over the Texas primary vote, and Obama had an average day March 4. A lot of pundits say that that ad was how she managed to win the Texas primary. Considering it only aired in Texas, I’d agree with that. However, the effect was short-lived. We also know that Clinton got hammered in the next 2 primaries, and has yet to cut into Obama’s delegate lead. I fully expect another fear-ad and ridiculous attack from Clinton leading into Pennsylvania. It will probably have something to do with trade and jobs, maybe the failing economy. Pennsylvania, being like Ohio (which exit polls said the economy was the biggest issue for them), will be a fight over trade and economy policies. So keep an eye out for that.



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