Month’s blog views

Some time yesterday, the blog views for the month (according to WordPress) passed 5,000. It’s now at 5,245. At the average rate of 120+ that this blog has been getting during the primary cycle break, there’s a chance that the month’s view could just pip 6,000 for the month. Already, 5,000+ is a record, but 6,000 would be nice too.

If something big were to happen politics wise, I would expect 6,000 to topple quite easily. But as it stands, with the break between votes, and interest simmering on low at the moment, ‘big’ visit days are harder to come by. Of course, if I keep posting I’ll get visitors. Similarly, if I keep posting as frequently as I have been of late, I could set a new month’s record for amount of posts too.

Just some things to keep in mind.

Not that anyone other than myself is thinking about them.



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