The last week has been one problem after another on a personal level. It all culminated on  Sunday, in which there was so much crap flying around it wasn’t funny. I’m not going into details because the problems certainly shouldn’t be put up on a blog for the world to see. Suffice to say, though, that I am safe, healthy, and all that good stuff. I am, though, angry, frustrated, and melancholic.

Over the past day and some of serious thinking, I’ve come to realise that it all stems from Thomas not actually being Thomas. I haven’t been ‘me’ for some time now – six month or so. I’ve been lying to myself about the person I want to be. That’s why there’s going to be changes. Nothing that will be noticeable on the blog – my interests are still the same. Just as a person I’ll be changing myself back to the person I should be. I’m not meant to be the stereotypical 21 year old. I can’t try and be it – it keeps on causing problems. I’m going back to being Thomas.

This post might be quite confusing to people who might only read for U.S. politics news. It doesn’t matter though – my friends read this, and it’s the most efficient way of letting them know what’s going on with me. In fact, this post might be confusing to people who call me a friend. If needs be, I’ll explain to you guys what I mean when I next see you.

That’s it.



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