You know what?

This is the 52nd post for the month. A new record. Set because of a flurry of posts in the past week, and 6 just from today (albeit, this and the stats one are a bit hard to pass off as posts, but there was some serious postage going on with the other 4, especially with Pelosi, Clinton, and that letter). It’s not because I ran out of things to post that I’m making this a post about being the 52nd post, rather that I’m rather proud with my month’s efforts in blogging that I’m taking a moment to indulge in my achievements. I wasn’t about to let a new record present itself only for me to turn my back on it.

March has been a great time for this blog. Tomorrow, you’ll find out about all the stats (I know you’re interested). I’ll crunch the numbers to make it all sound impressive-like. A whole bunch of records were set in this month – most monthly views, most weekly views, most daily views. And the U.S. politics scene has been dying down for a moment, so I must have been hitting the right pulses. I look forward to my statistical gloating tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “You know what?

  1. *mutters darkly* 😉 Still, I guess you saw this… Milestone. Of course it took me several blogs/sites and around eight years…

    Look forward to seeing your boasting. I have followed Sitemeter and half expected you to crack 20,000 by midnight. Perhaps you will…

  2. I saw, and congratulations.

    It looks like I broke 20,000 a tick after midnight. I don’t know how reliable Sitemeter is though – ever since starting on WordPress, the WordPress count has been closing the gap on Sitemeter! I would have thought it would steadily get bigger as WordPress doesn’t count my visits and Sitemeter does. Strange thing that.

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