March blog stats

*Cue fanfare music*

Ok, the final count for the month is in. March set an all-time record for visits. 6,779 according to WordPress. The final week really brought in quite a few visitors – I remember it was hovering around the 5,000 at the start. In fact, on March 21, the Friday before the last 8 days of the month, I blogged that I had 4,569 visits for the month, and that was the new record. March 26 came, and I wrote that the blog was at 5,245. So the last week, and the last few days, of March were really quite successful.

As I mentioned earlier, the biggest week on record came in this month, 2,361, and that was 3 weeks ago. Two weeks after that, the 2nd place record was set with 1,638.

The biggest day came, as I said. It was 1,175 visits for the day, with the post Wyoming – results, Mississippi – polls getting 860 visits, and people finding the blog by search for ‘mississippi polls’ 598 times.

In the all time views for posts, 4 of the top 10 were written in March. This list is as follows:

The next10 posts are all over 100 views each, something I am pleased with. Of them, only 1 is from March – Barack Obama is the Democratic candidate. Then we get into the sub-100, and it’s not worth going into there.

The month had 52 posts – a record for this blog, breaking February’s by 1 extra post. I still think that February’s record ‘stands’ in that I was away on a trip for 7 days, plus it’s a shorter month, and I still blogged 51 times.

My biggest referrer was Ninglun’s Gateway – sending 68 people my way. Then a forum by the name of Rural Votes – from this thread. That got 65 people with a link to my Pennsylvania writings. Buzz Feed was the 3rd highest – with 62. This was in reaction to my first Gore/Obama? post. Finally, the 4th place went to anyone search for the WordPress tag ‘indiana polls‘ – that brought in 57 people.

As a side note, if you add up all the different referrals that CNN has given me over the month, you get 97.

For the month, ‘mississippi polls’ was the most used search term to find the blog with 669, followed by ‘superdelegates’ on 479. The rest are all sub-100.

Those are all WordPress stats. For the Sitemeter ticker I have, it said I had 5,567 visits, and 7,503 page views for March.

I think that’s it …

No, wait. One more thing. My posts totaled to 71 OpenOffice pages, at over 43,000 words and 237,265 characters. That beat last month’s record of a tick under 43,000 words, and 235,641 characters. I said it about February, and I’ll say it again: I won’t even write that much for university assignments all year!

That should be it.



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