A little update, before a serious post

Not that you can see it, but WordPress has changed up its dashboard layout. I don’t quite know if I like it more than the last one to be honest. It looks fancy at the moment, but I’m yet to find out all the new features. As I was typing, I witness one: What the address to the post will look like. Not 100% new, but sort of. You have to see this, and know what it looked like before to really understand. Hopefully there are some new goodies to play with though. I read Neil’s blog, and he was writing about this on Saturday. My work commitments have kept me away from the computer until now, so I’m late with this.

Well, back to that university assignment that is due in … 15 hours or so. I’ve had something like 4 weeks to get it done, and I’ll be rushing it to the very last second. I guess predictable, deadline-pushing Thomas will rule this semester. Though, that’s how I’ve got this far anyway, so why buck the trend?



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