A Thomas update

So people probably have(n’t) been wondering ‘Where had Thomas gone?’ I haven’t stopped my blogging efforts, nor have I joined Jimmy Hoffa in disappearing. University finally bit into my free time – I had 2 assignments due in this week for the only two subjects that I’m doing for the first 6 weeks of semester. I thought I was being smart by choosing to write an essay on the tutorial topic last week (which meant handing it in this week) – you know, doing the early topic and getting it out the way? I probably should have checked the due dates for my other subject’s assessments – that the first one was due on Monday. That meant I ended up having one due Monday, one due Wednesday.

It wasn’t that bad. One was only 500 words, the other was 1,500 words. But that bad week of holidays, my attempts to get ahead of readings, and an increased workload over the past fortnight meant that come Thursday last week, I had written an introduction of my 1,500 word essay and handwritten scribbles on the notepad beside the computer (not totaling more than 20 words) for my 500 word assignment. I got them both done – the 500 worder was finished at 1am Monday morning, while I surprised myself and finished the 1,500 worder at approximately 10:00pm this evening. Early (by my standards)!

I’d like to say that, in all this rush, I missed out on a chance to blog about some big news in any field that I’m interested in (U.S. politics, Australian politics, movies, television, etc.) but my assignments seemed to have come at a quiet point in the news cycles. There has been some news, but stuff that I normally wouldn’t have blogged about anyway, and would have seen me write some rambling post like this about what’s happening in my life (as if it is somehow important enough news to spread around the world.

Anyway, that’s the latest from me. Now that I’ve finished that 1,500 word assignment, I don’t have to worry about that subject (HSTY2614 – Australian Social History 1919-1998) until June, when the exams are around. This could be a very easy exam in that I am allowed to answer the option in the exam on the tutorial paper that I’m handing in tomorrow (Australia responses to the Depression). Usually, if you answer an essay option, you are forbidden to answer any questions about that topic in the exam. But not this time. Which makes things a little easier. Anyway, I like exams. I prefer exams. I can write a lot faster than the average person when I get going (and in Winter, I really get going to keep my hands warm), plus the marking is easier. All this contributed to me not wanting to do an extra 2 tutorial papers (each 1,500 words) to not do the exam.

Now the most pressing issue on my mind is do I go down stairs and each the chicken drumstick and pieces of roast chicken now while I watch some more Gilmore Girls. I’m glad I can go from one important topic to another in my life without much fret.



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