The winding stairs

If you ever go to Poland, you must visit Krakow. And if you do that, you should try and visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine. I did, when I was there. With me was my grandfather, my grandfather’s brother and his daughter. Whenever we tried to book a tour of Auschwitz, they all came with a “bonus” trip to the Salt Mine. We tried to avoid it, but couldn’t.

Anyway, we went, and it was amazing. The Wiki page has a few things to say about it. I also have photos of various bits and pieces inside the mine that I’ll upload to Photobucket, and then link to on this blog some time Thursday I suspect (as I’ll be getting dinner with St. Ives and Mr. Rabbit tomorrow evening). What you find down there are some really great things. Wall reliefs, a chapel, and a winding set of stairs. 400 steps – and my grandfather went down all of them. You should note that he was scheduled to get a knee replacement a month after we landed, so imagine how uncomfortable all the walking (3.5km and 400 stairs) would have been.

Anyway, that staircase is  the new banner. I daringly hung my camera over the rail and snapped a great shot of the tunnel down. The photo there has been resized. When I upload my Krakow pictures, I’ll upload the original of the staircase photo. It’s one of my most interesting, and not the sort of photo that everyone has.

That’s the new banner. A show of good faith on my part to show I’m back.



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