Who wants an update?

So this is a rare post. Not by virtue of the content, rather that I’m posting at all. You will have noticed, if you’re a regular reader, that this blog has seen little activity from me of late. It’s for a few reasons. First, I’ve been having some real great conversations with a friend, Diana, talking about all sorts of things. That’s been taking up, really, 99% of my spare time because I find myself feeling happy. So why stop a good thing?

Second, university work. I have a mountain of work to do so that I can go on my latest holiday (I’ll inform you about that later on in this post). I have an assignment on Monday, one the Thursday following that, then one the Wednesday following that, and something two days later on Friday, and then something the next Tuesday, and then something the next Wednesday, then two things two weeks on Friday. It doesn’t make much sense (it doesn’t make any at all!) listing it like that, but it looks clearer on my calender.

My holiday. Yes, I’ve booked it, paid for it, done everything. I fly out of Sydney for Los Angeles on the 27th of June, start my tour on the 28th of June in L.A., where we trek all across the South, then up the East coast and finish in New York on the 21st. I’m then staying 4 more nights in New York to meet up with Diana (the same person I referenced before), catch the sights, do the ‘it’ things (like get a pretzel), then I fly back to L.A. on the 25th of July, and that evening fly back to Sydney, where I will touch down on the 27th, a Sunday. The very next day, Monday, I go back to university. Can anyone say jet-lag?

I seem to have lost my blogging style. My writing feels uncomfortable and strange. Perhaps because it doesn’t include the words “Civil War foreign policy” or “the 1960’s protest movement in Australia”. Oh! I get to write an essay about John Howard, and whether his election in 1996 signaled a return to conservative ideals for the Australian population. I will have to read a lot of things for this one, but it should be interesting. Depending on how it (or any of my other assignments) turns out, they could find their way onto the blog as a post. Maybe, maybe not.

So, in an attempt to actually get my uni work all done, I have let this blog fall to bits. And the sadder part is that even when I have finished all my uni work (June 13), I have only ~2 weeks to try and revive it, before I’m gone for another month. I suspect that Internet access might be easier to get in the U.S. than Europe – though I didn’t try that hard last February, as I was with my grandfather. This time, I’m touring with a group of which I know no one. So breaking off from them shouldn’t be too difficult. I feel as though it’s a pseudo-pilgrimage to a few places – New York, D.C., Las Vegas, Texas. All these places, if anyone knows Thomas to any degree, are associated with me. I’m extremely excited to be going. Maybe more-so than my February trip? I can’t quite say. I know there will be a lot of photos, and The 18 Cup will be coming with me.

Well, that’s really all the time I can spare. I will try and post more regularly, so keep checking back. But I don’t know if it will be more than once or twice a week. I’ll make a little map of my U.S. tour and post it up here just for reference for when I go. Maybe you would like to keep up with my progress? Maybe not, and you’re already sick of me talking about this trip.



4 thoughts on “Who wants an update?

  1. How lucky is The 18 Cup. It gets to go overseas twice this year (including my American adventure as well). The cup is envied…


  2. …“the 1960’s protest movement in Australia”. Oh! I get to write an essay about John Howard, and whether his election in 1996 signaled a return to conservative ideals for the Australian population…

    That’s history? 😉 Oh dear I feel old…

    I am old!

    If you want some oral history on these things, just ask! Even more interesting would by Jim Belshaw, who was in deepest Canberra at the time…

  3. The Cup is a very lucky … object? It will be very well traveled this year – the U.S. twice, there is St. Ives wedding, another trip to Menindee (possibly), and whatever else gets going.

    Neil, I may very well take your offer up, and advice to contact Jim about this question. I’ll be starting it within the next week, so keep an eye out for an email.

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