Thomas’ assessments

This post is, mainly, for the Ombudsman, who asked about my assignments, how many, and what they were for. Also, I know he’s back in Menindee, stuck with no one, and not blogging at all would be the sign of a bad friend.

4 assessment down, 4 more to go:

  • Civil War and foreign diplomacy – 2,000 essay;
  • Civil War take-home exam;
  • Australian protest movement in the 60s – 1,500 word essay;
  • 1990s and the return to conservatism in Australia? – 1,500 word essay;
  • Teaching English professional development journal – 4,500 word journal;
  • Teaching English lesson plan and activity;
  • Teaching History – analysing influences, conceptions and practices in the history discipline – 3,500 essay + ‘creative’ pieces;
  • Teaching History sequence of 4 lesson plans

The worst part is, I just finished my ‘favourite’ of that list. Now it’s much of a muchness really.



4 thoughts on “Thomas’ assessments

  1. Thursday, Friday, and the coming Wednesday will see three things crossed off. I’m one of those people who is doing them right up to the last minute. Getting things done early is overrated. Similarly (or perhaps I should says stupidly) I haven’t scaled back my hours at work, thus leaving me with less time than I should really have.

    Actually, tonight I might be able to cross something off, that is if I get started on it right about now.

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