Primary action

Hear the bells? The Democratic primary race has been sealed up. Oh, except for that little issue of getting Clinton to drop out. Obama won North Carolina by 14%, and only lost Indiana by a mere 2%. Clinton needed both around 15% to reasonably justify staying in, and to at least win Indiana by double figures to unreasonably justify staying in.

Reports from the U.S. say that the media is calling this race over – that instead of looking at the next primary races, talk was of when will Obama be the official nominee and who his VP might be. Also, that Clinton won Indiana off the back of Rush Limbaugh – which is a post in itself. At the centre: Limbaugh told Republican voters to go and vote for Clinton because she is the weaker candidate. If 15,000 people listened to him, then that’s Clinton’s win margin in Indiana.

I’m sorry that I didn’t do any significant post previously about these two states, or given any sort of in-depth analysis here. I’m still far too busy. There’s voting on the 13th and the 20th of this month, and then the 1st and the 3rd of June, and then it’s all over. I believe that Clinton knows she won’t win from here on in, and will see the rest of the races out, and then drop out in a concession speech on the 3rd. Mainly because Obama has gained twice as many superdelegates (who are going to decide this race) than Clinton since her big win in Pennsylvania. She and her campaign had two rolls of the dice left: Win Pennsylvania and win over the minds of a whole bunch of superdelegates (which failed), and win Indiana big and be competitive in North Carolina (which failed too). She has no options left now other than to back out and endorse.

Just counting the days now to the real race (and a whole bunch of gloating) starts.



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