Obamamania again

It made the news here in Australia. It’s almost unbelievable. No, it is unbelievable These pictures are so impressive, especially the first one:



75,000 people at Obama’s rally in Oregon. Four month ago, it was just beginning. Six months ago, it was a dream that had a slim chance of reality. A year ago, and people like me were called crazy. And tomorrow, when Obama wins the majority of pledged delegates, it will all be over.



2 thoughts on “Obamamania again

  1. Not in this race, but I expect the John Kasich story (if he were trying to get a VP spot) to go something like this: Challenges Governor of Ohio Ted Strickland in 2010; defeats Strickland, and serves 2 terms as governor (as is the policy in Ohio, where governors can serve 2 consecutive terms, then are forced to wait 4 years before they can run again); if it were the case where Republicans are running against Obama’s VP in 2016, Kasich steps down either at the end of his first term as governor (in 2014), or a year into his second term (2015) to run in the Republican primary for president.

    Whether he wins the primary or not, who knows. He would be a viable VP candidate for some of the real contender candidates (which I outlined in my just-finished post), and maybe would look for that. Though, come 2024, he would be 72, and not likely to run for president, and thus only ever be a VP. Which is why he may not run in the primaries, serve out 2 terms as governor of Ohio, and then look to snag the Republicans a senate seat in the state.

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