570 days ago

570 days ago, I was right. November 12, 2006, I put my support behind Barack Obama – maybe even earlier. However, that was when I first documented it here. Towards the end. It’s almost a footnote, certainly an aside, but it was the beginning of this wild, crazy adventure lived vicariously through polls, news reports, blog posts, and CNN.

Barack Obama has officially passed the delegate threshold to win the Democratic primary. He did it off the back of his win in Montana and superdelegates earlier today. Actually, he did it off the back of a fantastic campaign, true politics, and relentless inspiration. If you want more confirmation than the CNN article, here’s over 5,000 others.

The race was long, it was tough for the candidates, and there were parts that were (and still may be) regrettable. Neither candidate ran the perfect race, but Obama ran the better one by a country mile. He needs to keep the message of hope going into November, where all attention is being drawn as the general election begins now.

On a personal note, I want to say the following: I told you so. St Ives, who wavered not once, not twice, but now three times; the Ombudsman, who never had faith; to my boss Michael; to my coworkers Margaret, Sonny; to my mother; to my father; to my sister; to all 3 of my grandparents; to the hundreds of people who left disgusting comment that I marked as spammed; to channels 7, 9, and 10; to the hundreds to customers I told my prediction to over the year; to all these and anyone else who said Obama would not win, and, thus, I had no clue: I told you so.

All eyes are looking towards November. I’m backing Obama to the final vote. I want to go 3-from-3 (Rudd, Obama primary, Obama general). I’ll be trying my best to stay on top of the long road to victory.



15 thoughts on “570 days ago

  1. Fair enough Thomas. I guess I had that coming, I am nothing if not a good sport and will cop this one sweet.

  2. Stick by McCain for a few months and you can get it all over again lol.

    No, seriously, you are a good sport, and there will be much gloating come November from one of us.

  3. The I’m adding you to two lists: The ‘I Told You So’ list and the ‘Your Candidate Is The Reason The World Is Screwed At The Moment’ list. Lest we forgot Florida …

  4. Sellers had a sketch way back last century on politics and a tag line was this Indian character in a vox pop who always said “I’m voting for Pandit Nehru” when asked who he was voting for in the UK elections…

  5. I never said Obama couldn’t win. I’d take him over any other Dem or Rep candidate. As for the other point:

    Nader, appearing on ABC’s “This Week,” countered that Gore will have no one to blame but himself if he loses the election to Bush.

    “If Gore can’t beat the bumbling Texas governor with that horrific record, what good is he?” Nader asked. “Good heavens … this should be a slam dunk.”

    But it wasn’t, because no one liked Gore much before An Inconvenient Truth.

  6. *The above views are the author’s own and in no way represent the official position of The Department of Education. All correspondence should be sent to:

    Mr Rabbit, BA GDipEd
    Mr Rabbit’s Outback Adventures
    The Caravan at the back of Humpty Doo Petrol and Supplies
    NT 0836

  7. Nor does it need to. The point is, if the people really wanted Gore, he would have won with or without Nader running.

  8. Well, if your aim was to state an oft-repeated statement, then you didn’t need to explain anything. However, ‘the people’ did want Gore – if you include the votes that were ruled ineligible, then he won. If Nader hadn’t run, those eligible votes that were cast for him would have gone to Gore, and he would have won.

    And what’s the point of even running if you’re not going to win? Seriously, he should just disappear into an abyss. His election campaign was a disgrace in 2000, and it’s a pitiful joke in 2008.

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