A slight difference

What’s the difference between an Indian and a West Indian?

No, this isn’t some racist joke that you’d hear Friday night at your local pub.

The difference is that when West Indies has a couple of bum decisions called by an umpire in a cricket match against them, they don’t kick up a stink, whine, cry, carry on, threaten, blackmail, or damage the sport of cricket. An Indian does.

Here’s what I’m talking about. Yeah, it’s Ponting’s reaction, but let’s be fair: He said remarkably similar things when the Indian cricket team was over, sooking around.

I applaud the West Indian cricket team for having the brains and the unselfishness to take the wrap, and just go back to playing good, decent cricket. What goes around comes around, and it all evens out. Ponting is right in what he says, but so are the people critical of umpires. This is exactly the way this issue should be resolved – with cool heads and no threats. The Indian cricket team should observe and note this.

A good day for cricket I say.



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