Update of sorts

Just finished an assessment. Didn’t take me nearly as close to 4am as the last one did. Just one more to do – a take home exam that I will get online tomorrow. I still have to go onto university grounds to hand this one in – this is the third or fourth time I’ve had to come into university just to drop an assignment in. Not to complain though – things could be worse.

Once I do this, I have a few things I want to get done on this blog. Update the pages that are listed above; change the banner; edit my Civil War essay into a blog post and post it; write a few in-depth US politics posts that I have noted (predictions, poll bounces, etc.); try and craft my notes on Internet communities and society (mentioned in my previous post) into many blog posts; inform everyone of my upcoming holiday; write a few ‘personal’ posts that are overdue; and I’m sure that there is more to do.

I’ll have 8 days to do it all in too. Ambitious? Yep. Will I give it my best effort? Probably not. Do I want to at least achieve some of those goals? Absolutely. I’ll be posting like a mad hatter for those 8 days. You watch. Maybe try and post past the 30 for the month. Now that would be an achievement in my books. Stands at 11 posts now – that would be more than 2 posts a day. Ok, that’s the challenge I’m putting before myself: 30 posts for the month, with the rest being significant.



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