Wandering mind

Having rushed to blog about something, I have left myself nothing to blog about.

Few interesting polls have come out for the US election. Certainly not enough to write a whole post about.

I attended a funeral on Monday. A regular customer at work – having attended the golf course for many, many years. I had known him for ~8 years, and very well for the past 4 years. He was a very good guy, always friendly and cheery. He died of a heart attack, aged 58. I’ll miss him of a Saturday morning.

I went shopping for those last few things I’ll need for my trip. Nothing exciting. I then had pancakes with my mother for lunch at a restaurant she used to take me and my sister as children. The pancakes were good, the company was better. I then brought my Godson a present for his first communion which is happening this Saturday. I’m the tiniest bit annoyed I will miss it, though not so much that it will weigh on my mind.
He’s a good kid, my Godson, and has quite the future ahead of him in terms of sports and academics.

I started collection addresses for those people I want to send postcards to. I’ll SMS a few of the remaining people who aren’t online for theirs. I also need to find out how much it costs to send postcards from the US to Australia so that they actually make it. I also need to send a postcard from here to the US before I go to my friend in New York. I also need to buy them a present or two. Hopefully they endear me to them, as these presents would only be given by an astute and observant listener.

I watched FightClub yesterday evening for the first time. I don’t know why people rave about it. It is average. See it to form your own opinion, but don’t expect much out of it, other than an obvious twist in the plot.

Last night I stayed up to watch Question Time only to be so bored and disappointed in it that I turned it off. It was the House of Representatives, and it’s the first time I’ve ever been bored with it since my interest in politics took off. If the Senate were on though, I would have watched it with wide eyes. I find myself wanting the Senate to be on, whereas I was wishing there were no Senate last year. I see that the Red Room is much more better to watch politics in action.

I’m getting tea with Andrew and the Pope tomorrow evening as St. Ives has other commitments, and I haven’t seen the Pope for some time. We will get Italian food, followed by dessert at their home so that I can see their parents.

On the other hand, tonight was the last chance that my family had for a dinner together. It ended up being my mother and I seeings that no one figured it out until I mentioned it to my mother this afternoon. Everyone has something planned between now and Friday. This was rather disappointing to me – that we didn’t have a meal together. We usually do, whether it’s me going on an extended trip or my father going away for a few days on work.

I’m waiting for a message from another friend to catch up one last time before we go. I’m actually comparably excited to see this friend as I am to go on holiday. Although, saying that I’m waiting on a message, truth of the matter is that I might see them before I go. We never made definite plans. If they were to message me, I would try my best to get to them. I expect that spending time with them will also calm my nerves significantly, as they are on edge at the moment and this person has that effect. I have a feeling that they will message to meet on Thursday.

And on Thursday, I’m getting lunch with my grandparents and mother (they are my mother’s parents). My grandfather, from this half of the grandparents, went with me to Europe last February. By the end of that trip, we were on each other’s nerves, and once we were home, didn’t see each other for roughly 2 and a half months. I had a feeling that the holiday had done damage to our friendship – both to blame. However, eventually we “made up” and now are better company for one-another now than we were before the trip. I am eager to see them before I go because they are simply good people and great company – certainly they will be able to calm me down a little, much like my friend I am hoping to see.

I am dreading saying farewell to anyone this week. As much as it might only be a month, I am no good at goodbyes and what-have-you. Generally, you say goodbye to people you surround yourself with. You surround yourself with people you want to see. And you want to see people that you like. Saying goodbye to people that I like and want to see, for me (and even for a week), is a little hard. Call me emotional, call me pathetic, but that’s the case.

I have to decide which book(s) I want to take on my trip. Certainly The Catcher in the Rye, but then do I also want to take The Adventures of Tom Swayer too? It is a good book, one of my favourites, and short enough to read. I am, however, partway through Colossus by Niall Ferguson (I never was able to juggle it with my university work this past semester) and would really like to finish that before I get swamped again. There are also other fiction (Paradise Lost) and non-fiction (The Sociological Bent) books that I am currently getting through (for various reasons – P.L. because it is a great work, S.B. for a blog post) that I want to keep reading to not lose rhythm. I’ll decide the night before.

Hmmm. That was a pretty easy blog post – a few sentences on various things going through my head at the moment. And it totaled more that 1000 words.



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