Howdy y’all

I’m in Dallas. It’s 11:51pm, Saturday the 5th. This is just a short update.

Lots of photos, and many with The 18 Cup. The Grand Canyon and Monument Valley probably have the best … so far. Dallas is home to somewhere I really want to get a photo of.

My first day, in terms of waking hours, went like this: Landed and was up for 36 hours straight. Got 5 hours sleep, then was up for 24 hours in Vegas. 60 hours for 5 hours sleep is not a good sleep. There is a good story to tell here. And a great blog post.

In fact, there’s already been a lot of blog posts written. I’m keeping a journal to keep myself amused during the long bus trips – like the 7 hour one today between Amarillo and Dallas.

I’ve picked up a few more hats for my collection, but tomorrow is the big hat day. Next to this hotel, there is a Texan cowboy store, and I am going to get fully fitted in the proper Western gear that everyone expects me to wear with my now trademark hat.

So yeah, just something short. I’ll check in in a few days. Oh, and something to note: You wouldn’t know there is an election coming up. Serious. It’s sad. And disappointing.



2 thoughts on “Howdy y’all

  1. Well sir, you are in Texas, some there hardly know there’s people outside of Texas..the rest don’t care.

    I’ll try to call next time i see the phone on.

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