He’s back …..

I have returned – alive and well, though scarred a little I expect. This trip was truly a great experience – one that everyone will hear about for some time. There are twice as many pictures as Europe – well over 1400 this time. Don’t freak out, I don’t expect I’ll be showing them off a whole lot – my European photos never saw the light of day really anyway. There are, however, a whole bunch of 18 Cup photos that I’ll upload soon.

For the moment, it’s catching up on emails, chasing up some holiday things, and catching up with my friends, as my family is already done. I’d like it known that I’ve been up since 6am Friday morning New York time, which should be coming up to 48 hours in another 2 hours. Go jet lag!


Edit: Yeah, I spelled scarred wrong – funny thing about being up for 2 days with no sleep. Though, with some of the stories, either word is appropriate.


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