Rash choices foster big mistakes

I’m sorry to bring her up again, but Sarah Palin has managed to make headlinesstill with hurricane Gustav being the number one story. The latest news on her is that her 17  year old teenage daughter is 5 months pregnant. I don’t pass judgement or condemn the daughter much less Sarah Palin for this. It’s a very personal and non-political issue. That’s my opinion on it.

But you can bet your boots it will become a factor in the election, as 527 groups (publicly run groups that have no affiliation proper with campaigns, but are supporters who run ads and events) will hammer it to death. The only good thing about to story coming out at all, politically, is that it came out this early, rather than later. I suspect that McCain and Palin both had rumours that it was going to come out without Palin having anything to do with it, so she might as well admit it before that.

But why she didn’t say anything about this before she accepted the VP spot is amazing. Either she was never vetted at all, and simply asked to accept, or she is a greedy, grabbing politician who will grasp any opportunity that comes up and to hell with the consequences. I honestly suspect it was the first one, after reading this article. It says that Republican lawyers are going over her legal past and taxes, while Republican operatives are headed up to Alaska to dig up whatever else they can – if she hasn’t already brought enough to the table herself.

In any normal VP selection, this is the stuff that happens beforethe selection is made. I can assure you that Biden was vetted and scrutinised beyond what was probably necessary weeks before the DNC. Tim Kaine and Evan Bayh both talked about it well before the DNC too. Palin should have been vetted long ago, because it would have shown all her problems. But now that they are doing it, surely they won’t find anything else?

Well, actually, all they have to do is tune into ABC news and they will see a report that Palin is a member and speaker for Alaskan Independence Party since 1994 – a group that advocates Alaska seceding from the union! Their slogan: Alaska first – Alaska always. McCain’s slogan: Country first. There’s another ad already made for the Democrats. Palin reportedly only became a Republican in name to run for mayor of Wasilla. But that didn’t stop Palin from addressing the AIP convention this year. At best, it’s pandering for votes. At worst, she’s still a believer in the AIP.

Most observers might find all this trivial. What has it got to do with national politics and policy. Nothing, really. But it’s not that which all this is having an effect on. It’s John McCain and his ability to delegate and make decisions. John McCain chose this woman to be his running mate after a 5 minute meeting with no vetting. Was that a responsible choice to make? John McCain chose not to delegate any responsibility over the VP selection process to someone responsible. Is that the act of a president? And John McCain has put Palin a heartbeat away from the presidency with no thought and no responsibility.

As much as people might have had varying thoughts about Huckabee or Romney, they had already been vetted in detail by Republican staff and by the media. None of this would have happen. So we ask ourselves the question – with these many scandals already coming out, is Palin still a smart pick? A smarter pick than Romney or Huckabee? McCain needs 90%+ of the Republican vote to even look like winning the election (but it doesn’t guarentee it). How will these two latest scandals – pregnant teenage daughter and wanting to secede; two big no-nos in the Republican party who fought for the Union in the Civil War and are about family values – go down well with those voters?

Palin has to, this week, give an Obama speech. I’m talking like the ‘A More Perfect Union’speech Obama gave when he had one scandal in the papers. It was the best speech he had given up until the last night of the DNC. It was hit out the park, and the scandal was over the very next day. Palin will absolutely have to do something like that. And it’s accepted that Obama is no ordinary speaker, that he has something special. So do we think Palin will be able to do it? I have my doubts.



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