Poignant and true – Matt Damon

1 minute and 42 seconds to sum up why Sarah Palin is an awful choice for vice president:

While you let that load, here’s a quick comment. While I endorse everything Matt Damon says here, and think he is 200% correct, I think it’s a sad state of affairs when US news stations are interviewing a celebrity to get political commentary that is true and accurate – more true and more accurate than what they are reporting – instead of speaking out about the content of his message themselves. Which might be even worse is that people would listen to Damon as a primary source, and not question and make themselves more politically aware instead. But, again, I agree with everything he says. It’s succinct, it’s true, and it’s the situation American voters are going to find themselves contending with; which is an indictment on the McCain campaign.



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