My upcoming schedule

I have a rather busy few weeks coming up, which could easily stretch into some busy months, and could easily see me shut myself out from the world until December. I have a number of assignments, last count 7 essays at 2000 words or more (more being the standard), between now and the 24th of October. Then the week after that I start prac. in school which takes up all of November. Also, at the turn between September and October, my boss is going away for a week and he is leaving me in charge of the running and operation of the course and restaurant. Thankfully I’m given this opportunity through the week that is mid-semester break, so I can work a whole heap. This gets me more money (I think in the areas of 60 hours from the first Saturday to the last Sunday) and gets me into the very good books at work.

With all that, it’s safe to say that I won’t have that much free time. I certainly won’t be able to take part in a road-trip to Canberra (sorry Andrew), nor do anything more than 1 social outing a week (so maybe 4 man 500 won’t make such a triumphant return gang), or maybe even blog as much as I would like. I’ll be undertaking prac. on the day of the US election which is enraging me to no end. The days leading up to prac. will be quite stressful I suspect, so perhaps I will get a fair bit of blogging in (my post rate tends to rise as my stress and pressure level rise). But I expect you might witness a trailing off of the blog over the next 2 months, and hardly get anything more than general updates through November. 

Don’t worry – after prac., I have 3 months to make amends (assuming I stay in the country for the whole time, which is a 50-50 chance at the moment) and post like crazy. However, then I start prac. again in March (I think, but I know that there is a second month of prac. early next year), so there will be sporadic posting through there too. But that’s well down the track – nothing yet to worry about.

And worry less because I will definitely be posting up to November. So don’t think you can stop coming – I intend to have my Holiday Road series done by then, have covered the 3 presidential debates, the vice presidential debate too, and all sorts of hoo-haa and hoopla that comes up. But this post is just  to serve as a forewarning for everyone.



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