Evolution of the blog and wanted feedback

I was looking back over the history of my blog (in a mood of nostalgia and want) and thought it funny how it has developed. The first ever post, in 2006, was about a television show (Arrested Development), and for a while T.V. was a primary focus. So too was the blogger Samuel Gordon-Stewart, stringing along a scammer that was spamming me, and then small posts about trivial things. 

Look now, I haven’t blogged about T.V. shows for a long time, and don’t visit Samuel Gordon-Stewart’s blog nearly as often as I previously did. These days, a clear majority of my blogs are about U.S. politics, my holiday, and keeping my friends/readers informed of some of the details in my life.

Go back a year, and movies were a focus, and I was hardly posting at all – for a variety of reasons. In fact, in another month, it will be 1 year to when I really started blogging about politics – though Australian was the focus as we were headed into an election. American politics did have its place, but this blog wasn’t as die-hard Obama then as it is now. And I was blogging about a holiday then, as I am now – though the trip to Menindee was something different to my trip to America.

Cricket seems to have been a semi-regular topic. When the sport is in season, and I have access to the matches, then I find myself writing reflections on performances and team line-ups, not progress reports. CityRail posts are another semi-common post. Though that’s to be expected: I deal with that crap nearly every working day during semester. Though I note I haven’t written about CityRail much these days.

The question is which, of all these varied topics I’ve covered in the past, will I turn to when the U.S. presidential race is over? I expect I’ll hardly be writing about U.S. politics after that. Will I return to Australian politics? Return to movies? Perhaps hark back to T.V. shows? Perhaps I’ll try and turn to writing some humourous posts every now and then. Too much seriousness isn’t the best thing.

Is there a topic that people think would be a good idea to focus on? I write more if I have a blog focus I think, for example all the U.S. politics posts. If I don’t focus the blog after that ends, it might slip back into a state of languish again. Suggestions? Comments?



One thought on “Evolution of the blog and wanted feedback

  1. Thomas, I am a satisfied customer! I really enjoy the holiday series, and find the US politics genuinely informative. And I’ve been following your blog almost from the start. 😉

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