Pair of fools

Two days ago , I watched Question Time (as I regularly do when I have free time). I was especially interested to see how it wek because it was Malcom Turnbull’s first day on the job and wanted to see how he fared. He did a good enough job for the first day, while taking a bit of a beating. Then, because I was actually interested in it, when the ABC program stopped, I logged online to watch the streaming. After the last few questions without notice, it came up to general business. 

That’s when this hoopla came up. Two MPs complaining about the canteen that is provided to them. The first complaint wasn’t even the person who was involved. John Murphy, the Labor member for Lowe in NSW, had the gaul to stand up in parliament and complain about the food portion size that his wife got when she went there. Seriously. I listened and couldn’t believe it either. I thought what a waste, and absolute waste, of people’s time. And I’m sure that it’s not even the right place to do it. I might be wrong, but surely common sense tells you that it’s ridiculous to raise something like this? 

Let me repeat this for you: John Murphy stood up in parliament and complained about the size of the beef stroganoff his wife brought at the canteen.


And then, oh yeah, and then Kay Hull, the National member for Riverina in NSW, she thought she’d break partisan lines and support this oh-so fabulous statement. What a joke. And, seriously, as a federal member of the Nationals, you shouldn’t have an opinion on anything. And doubly with a leader like Barnaby Joyce. You represent an area that has suffered drought, produces 90% of NSW cirtus products, 80% of our wine, 20% of all crops an 66% of the total value, all amounting to a $1 billion industry. You don’t think you should be doing something about all of that, rather than whinging about what lunch you get? Get serious.

But surely the Speaker of the House has something more important to look into that a pair of whinger’s food complaint. Perhaps, I don’t know, something to do with the running of government!? No. What is a further indictment on Labor (because Murphy is the first one) is that Speaker Harry Jenkins took the complaint serious enough that it is going to a parliamentary committee next week. 

What a freaking waste of tax payer’s money. What do these people think their job entails? Just coasting around for 4 years, then asking to get reelected? You are elected to do something and not sit around making a joke out of the parliamentary system. Write legislation, petition ministers, do something that you members want you to do! Don’t be so stupid. 

I’m in complete agreeance with what new independent senator Nick Xenophon had to say:


When the Murray Darling is in crisis, when the world financial markets are teetering, when pensioners are desperate for an increase, you would think politicians would have something better to talk about. No wonder we are held in such contempt by so many.

Same with Labor MP Sharon Bird:

I think each one of us will do very well to remember that the primary focus, what we should be talking about in this place, in our electorate, to people like yourself, is the concerns of our electorate.

It’s pathetic and disgusting this foolish episode. It will take me a long time to get over how blatently stupid this all has been. And the really silly part: The caterers that these two idiots are complaining about have only just taken over the contract. They need a chance to figure it all out! Cut them some slack and go and do your job!



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