I love watching Q&A on ABC Thursdays. Always makes me think about things. Especially tonight’s episode – abortion, terrorism laws, euthanasia, current economic conditions. I especially like those social/moral topics, because often you have to confront yourself. At least, that’s what I find myself doing – figuring out where I stand, why I think that, and why I think that in the face of such and such evidence. Maybe other viewers aren’t so self-reflective of themselves as I am; but I think that’s part of the reason the show exists.

The other part is to see politicians go at it hammer and tong – and boy did they tonight. A guest professor railed against Tony Abbott (who is always good to rev up!). And Maxine McKew had a good go too. Abbott gave as good as he got though, which was great to see. Wouldn’t want him shrinking from a fight, because we know what happens when he has to go offence.



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