A short post on stats

Just a tiny mention. For a long time, my post on superdelegates was the most popular post on this blog – having gone past 3,000 views alone by the close of the primaries. The view rate of Amélie vs. Garden State was such that I expected it to overtake it eventually, but in some time – it gets maybe 5-10 individual views a day, and was ticking past 1,000 at the end of the primaries.

But I now have a new most popular post. The Obama Photo Album is a post I wrote poking fun at the media’s use and fascination with a particular Obama photo album. I don’t think it’s all that great of a post compared to other things I’ve written, but it’s amassed an average of 15 views per day since its conception in February.

It’s over the last few weeks that’s it’s gone gangbusters. August 29 it had 129 views, September 11 had 90, September 15, 16, 17, 18 had 76, 83, 92, and 82 respectively, September 22 had 83, September 24 had 92. The post is consistantly bringing people in. Those are only some of the noteworthy dates and numbers – the rest are all more than 30, often more than 50.

For this simple blog, all these numbers make me happy. So now, as I write, I feel a little more happy that I have a new #1 post – on 3,163. It will certainly continue to grow, and may never be caught by another post that doesn’t find some huge level of popularity somehow.



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