Since I finished university ( a whole week and some ago), I have found myself thinking and amusing myself with broad concepts and theories of things that I haven’t even come upon before. Other times, I’m expanding upon my conceptualisations about subjects that I often think about in ways that actually surprise me. I feel as if finishing this past semester (perhaps even year), what with the content I have studied, the skills I have developed and progressed, and the actually academic intensity of the previous 7 weeks or so, I have managed to extend my mind a little. Combine this with the general feeling of freedom I get from finishing a semester, and I feel quite liberated of mind and self.

I’m doing prac, sure, but it’s not nearly as rigorous as my past month of assignments. So I find I have a lot of free time on my hand. But also academic creativity and swirling ideas. Hopefully I can get some of these down onto paper (I haven’t forgotten about the blogsphere, Jim!) or blog post and develop them into something that I’d be happy to post. I’ve been thinking a lot about nihilism, e-communities, US politics (obvious one that), imperialism and globalisation, world views, some morality issues (figuring out how to express my arguements for, say, abortion, capital punishment, and against euthanasia, since that episode of Q&A a long time ago), and a handful of other broad, but (to me) interesting, topics. I really hope I end up writing about them. This post, I guess, serves as a markation/reminder to me in the future.



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