Barack Obama wins the presidential election

President Barack Obama. Has a nice ring to it, as a friend of mine said.

Now the real politics begin –  cabinet appointments, House and Senate make ups, what do do with rogue elements of both parties (while Liebermann is the obvious rogue Democrat, the Republicans are going to have to figure out between themselves (in-fighting!!!) if they are the hard-right party of the country (the now Palin faction) or are they the centre-right party that they could have been with McCain), and the transition of power.

The elction has gone, well, nearly as I predicted. It has gone as I have generally predicted for 2 years now – an Obama win. It has been a sweep for Obama, as I have maintained for quite some time, and it’s turned out (so far) to only be 2 states different to what I thought. Ohio went to the Democrats, which is  not so much a surprise but rather one of those ‘if it’s on, it’s on’ things. Georgia failed to come around to Obama – it seems that Republicans and Democrats who didn’t want to vote for Obama turned out stronger than expected. The early voting lead, as well as the huge boost in African-American numbers there couldn’t save Obama. Nevertheless, that it was in contention, like many other red states, is a testament to Obama, Howard Dean (chair of the Democratic party, and the guy responsible for putting the Democrats and Obama at such a great advantage since 2005), and the Democratic ground game.

There will be lots of writing out there as to why and how about the election. I will do one some time down the road – mainly because I do want to do one, but also because I think it might be hasty to make too many conclusions so soon to the vote. I suspect that final numbers will take a while longer to come in and make anything of, so I’ll wait for them.

i wish I could have written much more about this topic in the past month and some, but time constraints and pressures kept me from. That doesn’t dilute the sweet taste of victory that I have. After picking Obama back in 2006 (I can remember a conversations at St. Ives’ home aa few days before I left a comment on the end of one of my blog posts that I’ll find a link to somehere down the line), sticking with him through the start, the troubled middle, the comeback, the hard fight, and then the victory in the primaries, my faith in this candidate, my political eye, and my keen interest in politics and for how this all works was vindicated. Obama was never going to lose this election – I never wachanged on that position – and I’m glad I stuck by my choice. Now that it’s over, as I said, early politicking will be the most interesting. Obama’s chief of staff is to be announced tomorrow (early and almost surprising – expect we’re talking about efficient and effective Obama here), and from there the rest of the cabinet after that, progressively. I won’t be able to blog on much immediately, but I will in a couple weeks.

I guess there should be thanks to those Americans who voted for Obama. And thanks, of course, to that great candidate, and to be great president, Barack Obama.



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