So November 5th I ended up getting 2,353 visitors for the whole day. The best day the blog has ever had. I got 1,298 views on the Obama Photo Album alone. I also had to delete some rather had comments from my approval line. I’m considering adding a preface to the post because soooooooooooooooo many people don’t get that it’s a friggin sarcastic post. Even when I’ve said so in the comments thread! Argh! It frustrated me to no end. I try email people back, but I’ve only ever been able to comment back to one, who appologised. That was good. But I would much prefer to get a hold of the people who haven’t replied.

Anyway, that’s that. Waiting on the Ombudsman to come and pick me up to go out for tea.



4 thoughts on “2353

  1. I missed it, alas………………….. 😦
    Hope prac continues on an upward trajectory and you stay off Ombudsman’s screen at work!! LOL

  2. You made it in Ombudsman time.

    You only missed some shoddy service and a replay of CNN’s election coverage. Can’t say it was the greatest night ever, but it was fun and the company was good. Nearly a complete reunion. And yes, I really do want to stay clear of Ombudsman’s desk.

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