November 4

Something slipped my mind come election day just gone: It was the one-year mark of me working in the clubhouse at the golf course. It has, in recent weeks, become my only job after I asked to be transferred from the pro-shop to the clubhouse only. Some 6 years of 4:30am starts on Saturday morning had finally out-stayed its welcome.

I worked hard, and did more than was expected of me in that job (in both my jobs actually). And I only had one customer/member say thank-you for everything I did for them. I didn’t even do that much for that particular person when compared with others. And no, it wasn’t my father. I was disappointed in that, but what do you expect? People assume someone else will do ‘it’, assume that it’s part of your ‘job’, assume that thanks isn’t necessary. I’ve seen quite a bit doing that job. I’m not unhappy to see me leave it – especially now that I’m in a more senior position in the restaurant, better paid, with more hours.

Anyway, that’s about it. One year at that job. Hopefully I’ll be able to tick off another two more and then I’ll be out into the teaching world, all things going well.

I think back at the year and it seems like a few weeks. Other times, it seems like two. I guess that’s what you get when you had a year like mine.



2 thoughts on “November 4

  1. I hate to say it Thomas, but you will be going from one thankless job to another. Just listen to the pollies and D-G everything we want a pay rise

  2. Perhaps unfortunately, I’ll have had a thanks-a-plenty job in between (the one I’m at now). Maybe I’ll get a taste for it and give teaching the flick haha.

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