Secretary of State Clinton?

The title says it all – apparently Clinton has been offered the job and she is thinking it over.

The NY Times is reporting that if she gets it, Biden would be pushed to the back. I originally thought the same thing – but then thought that actually Obama could preference Biden over Clinton which completely eliminates her as a political opponent. It takes her out of the Senate, where she could cause him trouble passing things (and all sorts of headaches if she became Majority Leader), puts her into a position where it’s…¬† Read more frowned upon to play politics over carrying out your portfolio, and if Obama looked to VP ahead of State she would have very little sway in things. In all, it could be a very strategic move. However, if he plans to give her some power, then you’re 100% correct – a lot of baggage, and another ego to contend with.

It’s a very interesting move. I don’t know how I feel about it yet. I still have lingering resentment of her dirty campaign through the primaries. But part of me is saying that she might do a good enough job. Then there’s a third voice saying it’s genius politics. And a fourth saying that it’s a great move for 4 years time. A lot of opinions on this move.

Very, very interesting.



2 thoughts on “Secretary of State Clinton?

  1. Very interesting indeed and a little surprising. I’m not sure if the offer, if in fact an offer was made, was merely a goodwill gesture to honor her accomplishments and appease her 18 million voters or if he really believes her star power might actually help his administration carry out its foreign policy objectives. However, I think appointing her is risky because she is fiercely independent, and her diplomatic approach is fundamentally different – she is more of a hawk and we’ve seen what that has yielded these past 8 years.

    You know, they might not have even talked much about the Secretary of State position. I think he will offer her another Cabinet Post – maybe Education or Health and Human Services or promise her a Supreme Court appointment. But I could be wrong and usually am.

  2. A cabinet of rivals?? Biden will be playing a major role regarding foreign affairs, but does he have to be sent overseas all the time. No that is the Sec of State’s job. Would be be goiog at it. Yes. Gets her out of the Senate yes. Better to have your rivals pissing into the tent rather than out?? YES!

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