Uni union

I think I might join the union this year. Perhaps tomorrow. If I do, it’s not for any communist-ic idea of giving my money to a group of people that will spend it on services that I get no use out of. Rather, it will be to participate in programs that will make my resume look better. Selfish reasons, I guess, are my motive.

$99 is cheap compared to previous years, but I wouldn’t spend that much normally to get that in savings. It’s quite a dilemma for me at the moment.


Edit: I just joined. Don’t feel any different.


3 thoughts on “Uni union

  1. I paid more than $500 to USyd union in my last year there. If they are charging $99 now, it makes me wonder what they were spending all that money on during the dark days of USU.

  2. Exactly one of the points I raised in a discussion/rant one time. If they could run it at $99 previously, why weren’t they? If I was paying $99 at the start, I’d have been more likely to pay $99 with VSU in place because it seems quite cheap. The sharp decline from near $600 to $99 made me suspicious of the union, and me wanting my money back.

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