Lack of Opposition I

I finished watching Question Time in the Senate today and thought to write something about Australian politics for a change. What better to write about than the inadequacies of the Federal Opposition. I know I’m a little late on the topic when compared to other bloggers that I read, but for as long as the Liberals are floundering and hopeless in their new roles I guess I’m still relevant.

Every now and then, to keep myself fresh, informed, and knowledgeable, I read the policy platforms of both the ALP and the Liberal’s. The ALP’s is much more impressive, relevant, and detailed which makes for good reading for fans of politics. It also allows people to gauge and judge the performance of the current government for themselves rather than passively accepting from uninformed journalists and media outlets that Kevin Rudd and his party has done nothing in their first year.

The Liberal’s makes for a much more pitiful picture – I suppose reflecting the party’s state of affairs, so in one way their platform is accurate. It’s a 2002 document – so the party’s beliefs are already 6 years old – which would seem to be a whole of 25 pages. ‘Ok, that’s reasonable,’ you might think ‘not being overly long.’ Well, read the document and you see that we have the front cover, a title page, a blank page, then into some policy. Page 10, 18, 20, 22, 23, and 24 are blank pages. I suppose that’s where you are free to write in your own policy to give you a reason to vote for the Liberals – because they aren’t giving you any reasons themselves! Anyway, there are 9 nothing pages. 16 pages of policy at best (because an awful lot of that is dot points).

Compare that to the 2007, 318 page, 16 chapter plus foreword plus ALP national constitution document. Which party looks more organised, prepared, thought out, and ready to govern? I know that the Liberals believe in smaller government, but 16 pages of government against 318 pages? I think I know who I’ll vote for … and I did vote for them!

Anyway, it might seem obvious to people why the Liberals are a hopeless opposition just from this. They don’t have positions to contrast with the ALP for the Australian people to see – so they act as the juvenile, belligerent opposition that we have come to know and hate. They don’t have a platform, much less a platform that is up-to-date and relevant to the contemporary Australian political, social, and cultural climate – so they whinge and complain and question the government on trivial and demeaning points. Who are the demeaning? The Australian voters. More Australians chose the ALP to govern the country for policy reasons. The opposition could at least ensure effective governance through policy avenues. We, the voters, don’t care about the stupid, mundane points that Malcolm Turnbull and his lackeys bring up each and every day. That’s why Rudd’s opinion polls and favourable ratings still go up.

I have a second post directly related to this. It’s a critique of the bare-policies that the Liberals proclaim they are holding themselves to, and de facto the ALP government. At the end of it, you’ll see that they are more confused than ever. Maybe I’ll get to a third post on how they might improve themselves – but knowing the plagiarism issues of Madam Xerox (Julie Bishop), they might take what I have to say to the party’s next meeting. I wouldn’t want to be the catalyst for a Liberal comeback!



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