Lack of Opposition II

Part I is here.

I had originally planned to open this post a little different, but in my poking around the Liberal’s website I found something so ridiculous that I threw it out and want to start here. The website is called ‘The Kevin Rudd memorabilia store’ and it’s supposed to be … well … funny. It’s stab after stab at the PM on things he’s done that the Liberals are lampooning or pointing at as irrelevant. For example, the ‘Kyoto Protocol Pen: A replica of the pen with which Kevin Rudd signed the Kyoto Protocol and single-handedly saved the planet.’ Hilarious, huh? How about the ‘Belinda Neal Autographed Affidavit’. Another hum-dinger!

Ok … deep breath … and start.

Gutter politics is the trademark of the federal Liberals. It’s not even politics. It’s just stupidity. As much as I disliked John Howard by the end of his last term, I have to respect the man for being a leader who wouldn’t have put out crap like this. Yes, he took some low political roads himself but, as I said, that website is nothing even remotely related to politics.

It’s just plain pathetic that a party who claims to be able to lead this country better than this administration, who has done a pretty good job this far, has crap like this on its website. Throw out the policy directions, the attitudes and beliefs, the future ideas, and whatever else that is relevant to a political party and bring in the sarcasm, the dirt, the outlandishness that appeals to teenagers who’ve been brainwashed by stupid comedy films that this could very well have been pulled from. Someone should probably pass on a message to the Liberal honchos that their target demographic can’t even vote!

I am floored by that website. Absolutely astounded that Monday through Thursday, Malcolm Turnbull can stand up and try and ask a question of the current government while he is being publicly represented on the Internet by that. He might as well have a clown as his deputy … oh, wait … never-mind. Nonetheless, if the Australian people were made more aware of this ridiculousness, I’m sure than any shred of credibility he may have had after a few months of hopeless opposition would be out the window.

Oh! And it gets better. When you go to ‘checkout’, you get this little message:

Rudd Labor – not measuring up

After only 12 months of Labor Australia is less prosperous, our economy weaker and the outlook for Australian families more uncertain.

If you would like to receive regular updates from the Liberal Party please subscribe to our free e-newsletter – click here.

If you would like to make a donation to assist the Liberal Party in its work in keeping Kevin Rudd to account, please click here.

Are you serious? Is the Liberal Party trying to pin the world economic recession on Kevin Rudd alone? And then they ask for money to keep up their shenanigans!? Are they joking!? I’d be more likely to donate to a more honest message like this:

Post-Howard Liberals – A pack of friggin’ jokers!

After losing the 2007 election because we stood for the wrong policies, we’ve decided to go a different route and stand for nothing – absolutely nothing! Australia can rest assured, however, that we will take the fight to Kevin Rudd each and every day through plagiarism, lies, deceit, and being true-blue yobos.

If you would like to receive regular updates from the Liberal Party … check back in a couple of years. We might have thought of something by then.

If you would like to make a donation to assist the Liberal Party in the current self-implosion that’s going on, we’ll contact you. We have enough fuel for this already.

This is the opposition that the Rudd government has to contend with. One that opposes for the sake of opposing, that argues for the sake of arguing, and that is about as informed as … well … the Liberal Party. No one is an uninformed as them these days. You hear people say that the government is only as good as its opposition. Well then, Labor must have been a fantastic opposition for the past decade and some, and the Liberals should take a leaf from them. They need to sort themselves out for the sake of this country – not just themselves.

Dear-o-dear. I could just rant about these idiots for page after page. The next one will look at the platforms. Definitely this post series will stretch over 2 or 3 more posts.



3 thoughts on “Lack of Opposition II

  1. Thomas and thoughts on A-SPAN starting in 2009? Coverage of the national parliament, some states, NZ, UK & US politics & parliamentary sessions 24/7.

  2. That would a dream come true! We wouldn’t miss a beat of the Coalition implosion. And all the better if they start including other countries – especially the US.

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