Thomas’ adventure for the day

I’m off to the seventh circle. I have to hand in some forms to the university. I guess I’ll get my dose of elitism for the month into me so that, come family and friend meetings over Christmas I can partake in any of the following (note: names have been replaced for annominity):

Scenario 1
Person A: “Thomas. Good to see you. What have you been doing with yourself?”
Thomas: “I’m great. I went to Queensland earlier in the year, then to the US for a month over July. I’m still going to uni too.”
Person A: “Wow, that sounds fun. How did you afford it all?”
Thomas: “I don’t know! And I go to Sydney University, so it’s not cheap at all.”

Scenario 2
Person B: “Hey Thomas. How’s things?”
Thomas: “Quite busy. I just finished prac. at school. That came at the end of semester, and I’ve been working quite a bit since then.”
Person B: “Oh how was it? I have a friend who just finished their first year at uni.”
Thomas: “Oh really? How did they find it?”
Person B: “They loved it.”
Thomas: “What uni are they going to again?”
Person B: “UNSW? Maybe UWS. I get those mixed up.”
Thomas: *With disappointment and snob-ism dripping off the words* “Oh … ok. Well, it doesn’t really change much, getting them mixed up. If they were going to Sydney University then I could help them out if they needed. But if they aren’t …”

Scenario 3
Person C:
“Thomas, could you pass the salt?”
Thomas: “You think I go to Sydney University to pass you the salt? You should be passing it to me grandmother!”



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