Revised: To do list

My list for tomorrow (well, really today seeings how it’s 1:01am) of what to blog about. I won’t get through all of it, not nearly – perhaps two or three. This is the order I will try and get through them though:

  1. Write about the woman and her child on the train yesterday;
  2. Continue the ‘Barack Obama’s cabinet’ series;
  3. Write another post in imperialism;
  4. Continue writing up ‘The Legend of the Moustache’;
  5. Write a post about one of the movies I’ve watched recently;
  6. Continue the ‘Lacking Opposition’ series;
  7. Form a post about the blogging community from all the ramblings and notes I have on the topic;
  8. Write something about the current state of Australian cricket;
  9. Write another post about a movie I’ve seen recently;
  10. Start writing a year’s summary post;

Hopefully I will get through all of this, maybe within the next week. So it’s something to look forward to. I certainly plan on getting ‘The Legend of the Moustache’ finished by the year’s end (I just have to figure out if I want to end it with the tour, or continue on with the 4 days I spent in New York with a friend). The ‘Lacking Opposition’ series has the potential to grow to some 5 posts or so. While I won’t cut it short if it is starting to flow, I don’t want it  to turn into a repetitive Liberal-bashing thing that loons come here expecting to read every week (as fun as that might be). ‘Obama’s Cabinet’ has a finite amount of posts in it, just it will take a long time to get through them all – but at least it keeps my interest in US politics alive.

Then I’ll be trying to fit in all those odd topics that come up every now and then. For example, a story I really want to recount that happened on the train on the way in. I suspect it will surprise people in the content and the message I’m attaching to it. Another example is how imperialism has come up – and while I’m often thinking about it, I could never figure out a way to start blogging about it. I might have thought up a way now. Cricket is always topical, especially when it’s the season and being broadcast around the country. And I miss writing about movies, so I would like to try my hand at a lengthy critique again (not to mention less-length posts).

So I have a busy schedule planned for myself. I hope that by writing this post I’m able to hold myself to it. Or others can hold me to it. Whatever works. Yay for blogging! Yay for the holidays!


Postscript: I read a handful of interesting reports on the future of the US senate make-up. I managed to sketch together a possible post. I’m adding that to the list now, and expect it will be one that gets written tomorrow.

Thursday postscript: I’ve written enough blogs over the past 4 days to have blogged once a day to not the coming Sunday but the week after that. And I don’t feel blog-drained yet. I suspect I will get a lot of content out this month, as I’ve managed to push through the creative block that was holding me back through the past few months. I’m pleased with today’s efforts (6 posts, 4 of serious substance). Hope the readers are noticing and appreciating!


6 thoughts on “Revised: To do list

  1. I hope you realise that you won’t have time to teach post-university due to your responsibilities to your blog.

  2. I agree. Thomas has a responsibility to provide us with informing and entertaining content to peruse when we get home. Clearly to get find the time required to complete this AND teach he will need to become a librarian at a certain school.

  3. Thank-you friends. Even that last one Ombudsman. It made me laugh – something I needed. I’m glad y’all like the layout and what not. St. Ives: The picture is rather teacher-ish. A good random selection by WordPress.

    I guess the next couple of months will be a dummy-run for balancing work and blog – at the moment I’m rostered on for 14 days straight. Blogging will be my only escape I suspect – one I need. I hope to keep it up.

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