While I was staying at my grandparents, an echidna made its way up their drive way, nosed around their garden for an hour or so, then continued on. I watched it for most of the time. My grandparents said that in the 40 plus years they’ve lived there (on the border of the national park) they’ve never seen an echidna. I’d never seen one outside of a zoo either.

Two days ago, as I was driving out my driveway and turning to go down the street, I stopped to let a snake cross the road. Long, thin, and grey, it stopped and looked at me through the window and continued making its way towards my neighbour’s house. I told my mother and she’s been worried ever since. There’s little chance this thing was dangerous. Again, I’d never seen a snake outside of a zoo before.

Today, as I was standing in the front yard, I watched this huge bird (I think it was a sea eagle) come gliding in and doing circles around the area. Magpies tried to attack it, but the wingspan of the magpies was just one wing of this giant bird – they stood no chance. And for the third time, I’d never seen this animal before (or if I had it might have been in a zoo).

Just some tidbits I thought I’d talk about.



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