Christmas party

I do want to blog, but I’m somewhat tired. Last night was our work’s Christmas party. Enjoyable enough. I went out and brought a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label for my own consumption (other than the free stuff that was going at our bar) because I can’t stand Red Label (which is all we have for scotch). Anyone who knows anything about scotch knows that Blue Label is the premium brew of Johnny Walker. Last time I saw a bar that had it (it’s not very common), they were charging $65 a shot. Obviously I didn’t shoot down the whole litre bottle – that’s just not how you drink quality scotch. Everyone at work thinks I’m worth quite a bit, so I guess rocking up with this cemented the idea. Having it on display adds a touch of class to my room too.

I still have my job, so I mustn’t have been too bad. Highlights include winning the sculling competition, poking someone who was sitting on a bar stool gently and watching them fall off … and fall off again when they were trying to get back up, getting the best chip on the 18th green out of the 15 or so taking part (chipping: using a high-loft glof club (i.e. sandwedge, pitching wedge) to hit the ball roughly 10-20 metres, with a high angle, near to the hole, if not in), and managing to pour beers for the night as good as I do when I’m on the clock.



2 thoughts on “Christmas party

  1. The website link takes you to the last time I had a Scotch, such a rare event that I blogged it! Ah, but what a Scotch! Still have half the bottle left… Time for another sip soon, I think.

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