I believe in the net filter that the government is propose. I think it’s a good thing.

Anyone care to comment? Rally? Riot?



7 thoughts on “Trolling?

  1. OK, you trolled me! My main worry is whether it will actually work. My experience of the Department of Education net nanny doesn’t give me much confidence. Even the Great Firewall of China (which attempts to block porn too, but also “Tibet” and “Falun Gong” etc) works in fits and starts — it famously has blocked all WordPress sites from time to time, but on the other hand people in China sometimes circumvent it, and it it tends to leak anyway. The principle by which it works must be similar.

    I can remember one frustrating day at SBHS when I found all searches with “Asian” in them led to FORBIDDEN! “Asia” was OK. (I was trying to find “Asian culture”…)

    I think filtering is best done at home computer level, rather than at ISP level.

    Anyway, don’t certain things bypass all filters anyway — P2P sharing for example?

  2. I think it is a good idea and worth trying to implement. But it has to be better than the DET one.

  3. Okay, Thomas, you have drawn me in too, if a bit late.

    The core principal that the Government is establishing is that it can stop us reading things. The Chinese Government has established a similar principal. The only difference between the two lies in the content to be blocked.

    There is a considerable difference between making a specific activity illegal and the proposed broad based filter system. The first requires an act of parliament, the second can be done by administrative fiat once the structures are in place.

    Beyond the in-principle issues, its quite annoying in practice. The NSW Government already has this type of big brother system in place on its in-house systems. In the work I was doing, you never quite knew when you were going to get that iniquitious this content is forbidden message.

    Certainly, any search in any way connected with wine seemed to trigger it. I think that the thing that made me most uncomfortable was the thought that with key strokes recorded and potentially trackable, an innocent search might somehow get me into trouble.

    More broadly,one of my related concerns is what I think of the hysteria element that can arise in popular opinion and in Government responses to issues. I simply don’t think that Governments can be trusted not to mis-use this type of system once in place.

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